Benefits of Internal Pile Cutting

Less Required Equipment – Less Expense, More Safety

IPC Specialty Tool VS. Conventional Method
  • Picker Truck/ Tool mount (2 workers)
  • Pile Puller Truck (1-2 workers)
  • Job site Trailer
  • Line Locators (1-2 workers)
  • Hydrovac Truck (2 workers)
  • Backhoe with Spotter (2 workers)
  • Welder with Helper (2 workers)
  • On-site First Aid (1 attendant)

As you can see, IPC’s custom specialty tool eliminates line locators, hydrovac trucks, large equipment and unnecessary digging or ground disturbance.

This dramatically reduces the chances of exposing contaminated dirt and allows for quicker and easier farming reclamation in the future, as the IPC Specialty Tool cuts off piles well below the depth of any farm implement.

There is also no need for a welder and helper, as the piles do not require cutting or capping.

The First Aid Attendant and ambulance can also be dispensed with as the manpower/worker numbers are greatly reduced. IPC Specialty Tool uses 3-4 workers, whereas Conventional Method uses 8-9 workers.

In January 2016, the Oil and Gas Commission of BC published new criteria guidelines for shut-in equipment and decommissioning of sites. Part of this new criteria states that below ground piles must be removed. IPC Specialty Services can help you accomplish this with unprecedented ease and cost-effectiveness.

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