A Better Way To Remove Pipes And Piles

Traditionally, removing pipelines and piles is an expensive, time-consuming, and complicated task. At IPC Specialty Services, we aim to change that.

In 2014, we designed a unique tool for pile removal. Our custom tool eliminates many of the services conventionally required for pile removal, making for a simpler, less expensive solution.

This hydraulic-powered tool offers a new solution for your cutting and capping needs. IPC operates with a new proprietary technology that allows us to safely and cost-effectively complete pipeline abandonments and piling pipe removal with no ground disturbance.

We’ve got what it takes to get any pile removal job done.

  • Fully trained and qualified team
  • Mobile tools that are always ready to go to work for you
  • Comprehensive safety program to reduce risk and avoid delays
  • Strong commitment to complete projects on time and on budget

We offer a safe, reliable new way to complete your pipeline abandonment or piling removal. With our system, we are able to perform the job without the need for expensive heavy equipment, which cuts the cost by removing the need for operators, equipment haulers, line locators and hydrovac trucks.

Learn more about how it works!